How to get access to Medicare and Medicaid if you need it

What if you can’t pay for basic necessities such as a cellphone, rent or utility bills?

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) said it is providing $10,000 in grants for low-income Americans to access Medicare and other government programs for health care.

The Health and Life Insurance Reform Act of 2007 required the government to offer free or reduced-cost health insurance to all Americans, but some states have limited eligibility.

The new $10 million will help those who need health insurance or who qualify for Medicaid, the government’s health insurance program for the poor.

It will be available for low income and for people who live in states that have expanded Medicaid, according to a statement from HHS. 

President Joe Biden recently signed an executive order that expanded Medicaid eligibility.

The executive order has not yet been fully implemented, however, and many states have not expanded eligibility to cover more people. 

States that have begun the expansion have said it will save money for people, but critics say it will also hurt vulnerable populations, including people with pre-existing health conditions and the disabled. 

In a statement on Wednesday, HHS said it’s trying to provide states with information to help them implement the expansion. 

“The expansion of Medicaid and other federal health insurance programs will save lives, improve access to health care for millions of Americans, and strengthen our nation’s economy,” HHS said.

“We have made clear that states that expand their Medicaid programs to people with lower incomes and with less income, or who live outside states that are not expanding their Medicaid, should not face any financial burden as a result of these expansions.” 

The agency said the grants will be awarded to states by March 2018.

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