How to find a local doctor

article 1.

To access any of our health care services, you must have a valid passport.

If you do not have a passport, please check with your local government or consulate and ask them to print out a visa for you.

They will issue you a visa, which you can use to get in to any health care facility, such as a hospital, a doctor’s office or a clinic.


If your health care service is not within the country of your residence, you can request a visa at the nearest Consulate General.


In most cases, the Consulate will be able to give you an appointment at a health care center, but please make sure you check with the Consular Officer before arriving.

They may be able answer some questions or provide other information about your health needs.


You can use your Visa card to apply for any medical, dental, or hospital services in the country where you are staying, but be aware that some health care facilities may not have cards.

This is particularly the case if you are travelling alone, or you need to visit a family member, friend or relative.


If the Consul General cannot provide you with an appointment, you will need to apply at the Health Care Centers in your destination country.

If that is not possible, you should contact the Consulates General of the two countries you intend to visit and ask if they can provide you a medical or dental appointment.


There are several ways to obtain a visa to enter a health center or hospital.

If there is a Consular officer present at your health center, he/she can ask you questions or arrange for an appointment.

You may be asked if you have any insurance, if you intend on visiting your home country, and if you would like to bring a friend.

You will need a Visa card in order to enter the health care system.


You need to submit an application to the Health Health Care Center or Hospital.

The Consulate’s Consular office will give you a list of hospitals, health care centers, and health care staff members that can assist you in completing your application.

If it is not a Health Care Centre, it will usually be a hospital.


The health care personnel in the health center may be familiar with you, but you must contact them if you need a medical appointment.

They are usually very helpful and will take your request seriously.

If they do not accept your request, they will either ask you to fill out a questionnaire or provide a list for you to review.


You must complete the application at the health Care Center, and you can be required to provide your passport information, which is normally your primary identification document.


If necessary, you may need to bring along your passport.

You should bring a copy of your passport and the visa card if you plan to travel with your passport in hand, or it may be easier to get a copy if you bring it with you.


If a health clinic cannot provide an appointment for you, you need only to ask the Health Services Officer at the clinic if you cannot get an appointment in person.

They can provide a copy or copies of the application, or they may give you their list of facilities to visit.

If this is not the case, you have the option of visiting the clinic in person, but there may be fees.


The Health Care Workers at the hospital can be familiar, but they may not be able help you.

If possible, ask to speak to the Nurse Assistant, the Health Nurse or the Nurse.

The nurse may be very helpful, but if not, they may be unable to assist.


If an appointment is not available, or the health facilities are not available or can only provide you in person visits, you could visit a health facility.

If so, you’ll need to obtain your passport at the location.

The consular officer will usually ask you for details about the facility and the procedures.


When you get your visa card, it should be stamped on the back.

If not, ask the Consuls General for the date you received your visa.

This will give them a way to verify that the health service facility is open.


The visa card can be used for travel within a country.

But if you do so, the health services officer will check the visa with your health card, and send you a confirmation letter.

If he/ she finds any errors, he or she may refuse to issue a visa or refuse to provide the card.


If at any time you need urgent care, you do NOT need to ask for a visa.

Your health care worker can be present to assist you.

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