Why Allina health insurance will be sold under a health care brand

By Daniel G. LeBlancThe Allina Health Care brand has been a popular choice for insurers in health care over the past few years.

The brand is a subsidiary of a Japanese conglomerate that is in a relationship with UnitedHealth Group, which operates more than 2,500 health plans in the U.S. The two companies share about a dozen subsidiaries, including Allina and UnitedHealth.

The Alline brand is one of the top-selling health care plans in America, according to a study released in May.

The study also found that Allina is the only health plan that offers plans that do not charge premiums that exceed 20 percent of household income.

That means insurers have a good chance of attracting healthy, affluent customers to Allina plans, said James McBride, an analyst at The Motley Fool.

But Allina has a new name.

Allina, a Japanese company, is buying Allina Medical Group, a subsidiary, which will be known as Allina.

The new name will give Allina more control over the brand, said McBride.

The new Allina name will be a step forward for Allina but not a major change.

It will still be Allina Care, but the name Allina will be replaced by Allina Healthcare, according Toi and Allina said it will launch the Allina brand under the new name later this year.

The company will retain Allina’s existing health care offerings and sell new products under Allina healthcare.

The Allina care brands will have to meet certain quality standards and meet the requirements to become health care providers.

The name change will make the Allinas brand more attractive for health insurers, said Kevin L. Ritter, an associate professor of health policy at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

The change is good for insurers, he said.

But health plans will have a hard time competing with Allina if they want healthy, healthy customers, said Langer, who studies health care and consumer behavior.

Health care plans should be looking at Allina as a way to compete with the company, said David M. Langer Jr., an associate at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, a health insurance research and consulting group.

“Allinas plan has a very good reputation, and if it’s not selling well, it’s a huge concern,” Langer said.

Allinans brand is the same as what insurers used to sell.

Health insurance companies will have some trouble competing with health plans if they offer health plans that are unaffordable, Langer added.

Allina Health plans, which were established in 2011, are not allowed to compete in federal health care exchanges.

Health plans that offer health care policies must have at least a 10 percent participation rate in the federal health insurance exchange to be eligible for subsidies under the Affordable Care Act.

Allins plans, however, do not have to offer plans that have a 10 or more percent participation.

The Affordable Care Fund has a 10-percent participation requirement.

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