How the Trump administration plans to cover millions of uninsured Americans

Health care is going to be a major part of the agenda of the new administration, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) said Tuesday.

“This is the administration’s first opportunity to be in a position to provide a comprehensive and cost-effective health care package that will help us attract and retain the best and brightest people and businesses in the country,” HHS Secretary Tom Price said at the National Press Club.

Price said the Trump Administration will “work hard to make the healthcare system more accessible, and that includes making sure every American has access to affordable coverage and a good quality of care.”

Price added that the administration will also work to ensure all Americans have access to access to health care coverage, and “support innovative approaches that work for all Americans, and we will do so with transparency, fairness, and common sense.”

He also said that under the Affordable Care Act, every American should have access “to affordable health care.”

As President Trump begins his second term, he will be able to work with Democrats and Republicans in Congress to advance the healthcare law.

“The American people deserve better,” Price said.

“We know the American people are frustrated with Washington’s failure to deliver on its promises, and now that Congress is back in session, they will be empowered to hold the Trump Admin.

accountable for our broken system.”

Price also promised a “firm commitment to make sure the healthcare marketplace is available and accessible for Americans to shop for and shop for insurance.”

He said the administration is committed to supporting states in providing affordable health insurance to all Americans.

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