‘My health care bill won’t be a problem’: Russia health care reform bill could pass with little trouble

The Russian government is set to approve a new health care overhaul this week, with the plan expected to ease many of the countrys long-standing health problems.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the bill, called the “Health Law” into law on Tuesday, in the capital, Moscow.

The bill will now be sent to parliament for approval and will be debated for at least six weeks.

Putin, who is in his second term, has been in power for just over a year and is widely expected to be re-elected.

The president has promised to reduce the country’s health care costs.

However, the bill is expected to cost the Russian government millions of dollars, and will also raise costs for many of Russia’s elderly and disabled citizens.

The Health Law, which also makes it easier for state-run healthcare companies to sell plans, will also provide incentives for Russian businesses to adopt health insurance.

The move has been hailed by many in Russia for helping to lower the country health care costs.

But the legislation also raises a number of issues that have faced the health care system in Russia since the collapse of communism in the 1990s. 

The law will create a single health care service to be known as the “National Health Insurance.”

The National Health Insurance will be funded from a new national health budget.

According to the bill: the total number of people who can buy health insurance will be reduced from 20 million people today to just over 15 million.

This is because the government will no longer use the health budget as a source of funding for private health insurance companies.

Instead, it will use the funds for new insurance schemes.

The government will also introduce a national health insurance fund for the elderly.

The health insurance company will be a new entity created to provide the government with a new form of health insurance for the population.

The new insurance company, the National Health Service, will be created by a combination of public and private companies.

At the same time, the Russian parliament will pass a law giving priority to the creation of a “national health insurance” for the entire population.

These changes will allow for a single national health service that will provide health insurance to all residents of the Russian Federation. 

Health insurance companies will be allowed to sell coverage to the public, but only to those who have received a valid state health card or have a valid identification document.

Under the law, the national health card will only be accepted from people over the age of 65, and those who are unemployed or disabled.

The law will also allow health insurance plans to charge an extra fee of 5 percent for the first year, and then rise to 30 percent. 

Under the bill’s “social security law,” those who can afford it will be able to get health insurance from the state.

In addition, the government plans to give the health insurance industry another $2 billion a year to boost production and expand the number of private health insurers. 

Another change is that the Russian National Health Fund will be established to help the state with medical expenses and other costs related to the health of the population, such as for the sick, disabled and elderly.

It will be given up to a private company to manage.

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