How to beat the flu virus

The flu can kill you.

But how do you get it out?

In this video, The Lad explores the ways you can survive the flu and survive to fight another day.

The Lad’s Rick Leventhal hosts a new podcast called The Lad’s Biggest Hits, in which he breaks down the most pressing health issues and news stories of the day.

The Lad has been an NPR and PBS show since 2003, and he’s written more than 1,000 books.

He’s a frequent guest on podcasts, including the Rick Levis’ The Leventhals Best Hits podcast.

In the video, Leventhall and his wife share how to fight the flu, including avoiding the flu’s most common symptoms.

They also discuss the difference between the flu season and the flu itself, and how to prepare for the flu with the help of simple, easy-to-follow rules.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this episode:When you’re feeling ill, how to deal with symptomsThe difference between flu and flu symptomsThe most common flu symptomsThere are five different types of flu symptoms that you can experience flu-like symptoms ofThe flu seasonThe flu can cause mild to severe illness in people and animalsIt’s not contagiousThe best way to avoid the fluThe best place to stay when you’re sickThe flu vaccine is not required for flu treatmentThere are ways to make your symptoms go awayThe best ways to fight off the fluYou’ll also learn how to stay healthy and treat the flu without medication.

You’ll learn about what it means to be sick when you have flu symptoms, what to do when you feel sick, and what you can do to help others with flu symptoms.

You’ll also see how you can use the flu to keep your health and your loved ones healthy.

Download The Lad on iTunes.

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