The Most Popular Health Care Plans In America: An Open Letter to the Republican Party

The Republican Party has been on a tear for months.

On November 8, for example, the GOP’s platform passed with overwhelming support from Republican governors, governors from the Midwest, and a wide range of lawmakers.

It also passed in large part with overwhelming votes from the American Medical Association, a group that has long pushed for more access to health care. 

Now, it seems the GOP is starting to get the message that the party is changing.

On Wednesday, a Republican-dominated committee in the House of Representatives voted unanimously to move forward with an amendment to the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act that would prevent the Trump administration from using the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) against ISIS. 

The amendment, introduced by Rep. Steve King (R-IA) and Rep. Mike McCaul (R–TX), is not an amendment on the House floor but rather a companion resolution to an unrelated bill from the Senate. 

“This amendment seeks to limit the ability of the U.S. Government to use the United States Armed Forces in a way that is contrary to the Constitution,” the amendment states. 

As the New York Times reports, the King-McCaul amendment would amend the bill to allow the President to “deploy military forces, with no regard for their legality, to the battlefield in support of the President’s foreign policy objectives.” 

The amendments move the American Health Care Act from the House to the Senate, where Republicans are hoping to pass it. 

According to the Hill, “the Republican amendment was introduced by House Republicans and is expected to be debated and voted on as early as Wednesday.

It would extend the current law, which expired on Dec. 31, and would also prevent the use of the military against ISIS without the approval of Congress.”

The amendment was co-sponsored by King, Rep. Trent Franks (R, AZ), Rep. Mark Meadows (R., NC), and Rep .

Jim Jordan (R.OH). 

The move comes just a week after House Republicans passed the GOP-led healthcare plan in the US House of Representative, which has been praised by many as the most Republican bill ever passed by the House. 

And it appears the GOP party is starting off the 2018 cycle with a bang.

The bill has been described as the “most radical and expensive piece of healthcare legislation ever.” 

For example, in a report from The New York Daily News, the article said, “It would cut Medicaid by $600 billion, add $2,700 to insurance premiums, eliminate protections for those with preexisting conditions, increase deductibles and co-payments, eliminate maternity coverage, reduce dental coverage, limit coverage of mental health services and more.” 

Another Daily News article said that “the AHCA would allow states to opt out of the individual mandate and provide insurers with $716 billion to cover the cost of their Obamacare enrollees.” 

On Tuesday, The Hill reported that Republicans had raised $1.3 billion in a bid to defeat the bill, a massive increase over the previous month when the party had raised just $300,000. 

Republican lawmakers have been able to keep the momentum going after their party’s historic win in the November election, despite the party’s increasingly unpopular standing. 

But with the passage of the AHCA, Republicans will have the chance to make a big move forward on the healthcare front as well. 

For many, it’s a reminder of how far Republicans have come from their previous positions on healthcare.

For instance, in 2014, a bipartisan group of Republicans proposed a version of the American Healthcare Act that was more moderate than the one passed by President Trump. 

Since then, the bill has undergone several changes, but none have been as dramatic as the changes made by the King and McCaul amendments. 

While both bills have the support of President Trump, it will be up to Democrats to continue their push for the Republican party to keep on moving forward. 

At this point, the Republicans are just going to have to keep working their magic and keep pushing for the party to take a more progressive approach. 

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