The Rural Health Care Exchange and the rural health network

Rural Health Exchange and Rural Health Network are in the process of creating an online health information exchange for all Queenslanders to access, the State Government said on Thursday.

Key points:The Rural Health Trust (RHT) is set to open up to the public for the first time in more than 50 yearsRHT is aiming to provide the best care to Queenslanders through the National Rural Health ServiceRHT says it will not be a single-payer health systemThe National Rural Hospital (NRH) will take over management of the network and be responsible for providing the health serviceRHT’s director, Dr James Clark, said the organisation would be able to provide care to all Queensland residents.

He said it was not a single system, but rather a “network of providers and communities”.

“We’ve got a system that is growing and we need to support that and support it with care and provision that is quality-focused and provides access to the best available care,” Dr Clark said.

The Rural Healthcare Exchange is set up to connect health providers and individuals to rural communities.

It was set up by the State to offer rural and remote health services to rural and regional Queenslanders.

Dr Clark said the RHT would be responsible to the NRH for managing the system, which was expected to be operational in 2018.

The Queensland Government said the health system would not be single-payer.

“This is a network of providers, it’s a network that is about providing access to a broad range of services to the people in our region,” Mr Bowen said.

“We will not do that and we will not have a single provider for every Queenslander.”

That will be an issue for the regional health councils that are part of the National Health and Medical Services network and it’s something that will be addressed as we move forward.

“Rural Health Trust to open to the general publicThis week, the Rural Health Alliance of Queensland released its vision for the future of the health sector.

The alliance said it would create a national health strategy for the next 10 years and establish a regional network of rural health organisations.

Mr Bowen said the alliance was focused on “connecting people in remote areas, communities and communities of the north”.”

The RHT will be the first of a number of regional health systems and regional health organisations,” he said.

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