Why health care network is in trouble

Westside Health Care, a hospital and health care provider in the city of Westmont, Maryland, is struggling to stay afloat amid rising medical costs.

The company’s hospital and physician services are at risk of shutting down due to cost increases, according to a report from The Washington Post.

Westside has been struggling with an aging and declining population, and the company’s primary care doctors have been working for less money and less hours in the past year, the Post said.

Westmont is home to some of the most expensive healthcare in the nation, and it has become a magnet for uninsured residents who are able to access cheaper health care at cheaper prices, said the report.

Westlake is one of only three healthcare companies in the state that have not yet closed their doors, according the Post.

The other two are Kaiser Permanente and Community Health Care of Baltimore.

Health care is becoming a more affordable option for some Americans, but it remains unaffordable for others, said Mark Siegel, executive director of the Maryland Coalition of Healthcare Organizations.

He said the company is trying to address the issue by limiting the hours and hours of its physicians, as well as by working to create more affordable options for residents.

“We’re working hard to get our employees more affordable health care,” Siegel said.

The report comes after President Donald Trump, who is seeking re-election next year, signed an executive order to provide federal financial assistance to Westside and other healthcare companies, including Kaiser Parga.

The order was signed last week and was aimed at bolstering the healthcare sector by allowing up to $1 billion in tax incentives and tax credits to help companies compete in the new health care marketplace, according an announcement.

The announcement has created a scramble in the healthcare industry, where hospitals and other health care companies are seeking more funding from the federal government.

Some healthcare organizations are trying to cut costs in order to compete in a market that has been flooded with millions of uninsured Americans.

Some states are also pushing back on the Trump administration’s decision, arguing that states are not able to control what they provide and can charge what they can.

Siegel added that Westlake could face similar issues as other healthcare organizations.

“The Trump administration has created an environment that is very unhealthy,” Sinker said.

“It’s not a healthy environment for any healthcare company.”

Westside is one company that is working to save its viability.

The hospital plans to hire at least 100 additional doctors, according a statement released by the company.

Westwood Health, another healthcare company, is working with other healthcare providers to provide more affordable healthcare options.

The hospitals plans are to begin expanding their primary care physician and hospital network in 2018, according Toews.

“Westwood has been successful in providing health care to the underserved, but we have to do better,” Sizer said.

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