How to use a car insurance rebate to get your car repaired

In a world of zero-dollar health care subsidies, auto insurance can be a real bargain.

Here’s how to save a few bucks and get your vehicle repaired or replaced. 

How much do auto insurance rebates cost? 

For auto insurers, rebates are usually worth about $50,000, according to data compiled by, a website that tracks auto insurance rates.

But there are exceptions, so check your state’s rebates carefully.

In the U.S., the federal government pays about 25% of rebates.

In states where the rebate is based on income, you can get a rebate that’s higher.

For instance, if you make $100,000 a year, your car insurance company will pay you an additional $50 on top of your original $100 monthly premium.

If you make about $60,000 annually, your rebate would be $50 per $100.

But you could get a higher rebate if you’re a high-income worker earning more than $100 an hour.

For more details on rebates, check out the  Federal Trade Commission’s rebating guide.

What if my car is in bad shape?

You can’t get your rebates if your car is damaged or lost, according in the Federal Trade Commissions website.

If the car has an engine failure or mechanical damage, it can’t be repaired.

If your vehicle has a cracked or bent windshield, a broken rear window or other damage, you’ll need to purchase an extended warranty.

If that doesn’t work out, you could be eligible for a partial refund. 

What happens if my health care provider won’t cover my car insurance?

In the case of health care providers, they typically won’t provide you coverage, even if your premiums are covered.

The only exception to this is for certain conditions.

Your insurance company can give you up to $2,500 if they see a medical emergency or are facing a financial crisis. 

Is there an alternative to using an auto insurance rebate?

Some insurers, such as AAA, offer rebates to consumers for certain health care services.

The Federal Trade Agency offers a tool called the Health Benefits Checkup, which allows consumers to see which insurers are participating in the rebates program.

Other options include paying with a credit card or by cash. 

If you’re in a bad financial position and you’re considering using rebates in your health care plan, your best bet is to contact your health plan directly to see if it offers rebates for your health insurance.

Your plan may offer rebays to help offset the cost of your car repairs. 

Can you get my vehicle fixed without rebates?


Auto insurance rebays can be very expensive.

But if you do, you should consider finding a reliable car repair company that’s certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

The National Auto Repair Association, a trade group, also offers a free website called that helps consumers find qualified auto repair companies. 

You can find a list of auto repair shops, such the one at, by searching the name of the business.

You can also visit a local car dealer to verify that their repair shop is certified by NHTSA. 

When should I check my insurance policies?

The Federal Insurance Office (FIO) says you should check your policies on a regular basis to be sure you’re getting the best deal.

If something goes wrong, ask your insurance company to send you an email.

You may also have to ask your car insurer to check its policy. 

Why is there a tax penalty on auto insurance?

There are some rebates that are not subject to income taxes.

This means if your rebate doesn’t include health care expenses, your tax bill could increase. 

Do I have to pay extra for health care when I’m uninsured?

No, you don’t have to be uninsured to use auto rebates or a health insurance rebate.

If it’s a health care service, you may be eligible.

If not, you have to get coverage through your insurance provider. 

In the past, some rebate programs were only available to certain income groups.

These days, many of the rebate plans are for the whole population, according the American Hospital Association.

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