What Trump’s health care law will mean for the Westside

Health care workers at the West Side Health Care Center say that President Donald Trump’s executive order that forces insurers to cover certain types of care for the uninsured could force them to close their doors.

The workers said they are worried about losing their jobs and having to pay higher premiums to cover costs.

The health care workers have been working there since February 2017 and said that they were forced to sign up for coverage.

The West Side is one of the largest employers in the community, and the workers said that the cost of covering their health care costs could be much higher if they did not have insurance.

The Trump administration is taking the reins on health care in the West, but they want to make sure that we have good people working there, the workers told Fox News.

The Workers have been employed at the site for nearly a year and say that they have been making $20 an hour for their work.

They also said that many other jobs in the area are open.

A group of workers have called on the Trump administration to stop the executive order.

The employees, who are mostly white and male, are protesting the executive orders policies that would force insurers to provide coverage to people with pre-existing conditions.

They say that people who are covered by pre-existing conditions, are not being treated like other people, and they don’t have the right to demand a better job or pay higher wages.

The White House did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

The president’s executive orders will affect a large group of people.

The group that is protesting is called the Westsiders, and it is comprised of about 100 people.

They said that some of them are being threatened with losing their homes and will be forced to pay more for their health insurance, according to a statement released by the West Coast Health Workers.

The protesters said that this would be the largest threat to their lives in recent memory.

The worker group has been working on a petition for the White House to rescind the executive actions.

The petition calls on the White Houses administration to take the steps necessary to make the West side more affordable, safe, and equitable.

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