Sweden health care provider to close after being targeted by ‘fake’ doctors

The Swedish Health Care Agency (Skolska Dagbladet) has announced it will close its doors after being the target of a wave of online and social media abuse.

Skolskapet is one of five Swedish health care providers to be hit by the campaign, which the agency said it was “deeply ashamed” of.

The fake doctors have been targeted by Facebook groups with the hashtag #SwedishHealthCare.

It was the first such campaign against the Swedish health system by the Swedish Health Agency in six years.

In a statement, the agency blamed a “massive and organised” campaign on social media and fake doctors, who “replete their patients of their time and money by making false diagnoses, wasting resources and damaging the reputation of their own organisation”.

“This is unacceptable and we will not tolerate it,” the agency’s spokesperson Kristina Oskarsson said.

“We are deeply ashamed to have been part of such a campaign.”

The campaign is designed to make people think the Swedish system is “dead”, it said.

It is the latest in a string of social media campaigns targeting the Swedish state health system, which has seen a surge in patient complaints.

In December, an online petition was started to force the country’s health minister to step down.

Last year, the health ministry was hit by an avalanche of complaints over patient deaths linked to the use of an antibiotic called carbapenem.

This year, it was also hit by a “fake” study that claimed a large number of patients with liver problems had died from a lack of oxygen.

“If you want to kill the Swedish healthcare system, go ahead and do it,” one of the fake doctors wrote on the petition.

Other groups were targeting the health minister, saying the government had not done enough to tackle the rise in complaints.

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