When will Medicare pay the bill for the VA hospitals?

On Feb. 1, 2017, the VA announced that it would be cutting off payments to the four hospitals in the Phoenix VA medical center system.

According to a memo from VA Secretary David Shulkin to Congress, the decision was a necessary measure to ensure the long-term health and safety of the community, as well as the continued survival of the VA and its members. 

What is the impact of this decision on patients?

  VA doctors, nurses, and staff are expected to receive a payment of $15.5 million, and those who remain will receive a $15,000 monthly payment.

However, those receiving payments may have their payment cut in half by Jan. 1 of next year.

The Phoenix VA Medical Center is the only VA facility to not receive a federal payment. 

How is this affecting the health care of patients?

According to the Phoenix Department of Veterans Affairs website, VA hospitals are expected to receive $15 million in payments in 2018, and the rest will be made up by Jan 1. 

Why are the payments being made without the VA’s input?

VA officials are expected by the VA to meet with Congress and the Trump administration on Feb. 28 to determine the best course of action for the health of the veterans.

However the Trump Administration has indicated it may not provide the VA with an extension on the payment.

Is this a deliberate move to cut off payments, or is this simply a matter of politics?

It is a political decision by the Trump White House, and this is a decision that will not be reversed.

The fact that the VA is getting its payments while the Trump regime continues to push for cuts to healthcare in the VA makes it clear that the Trump transition team has not had enough time to think about this issue.

Will the payments be restored in January 2018?

The Trump administration has indicated that it may cut off the payments once again in January, but that it has not decided on a timeline. 

Is this a sign that the health plan is dead?

The Phoenix Veterans Administration has not yet decided whether it will seek to reinstate payments to its four hospitals, and has stated that it expects the payments to be restored by the end of January. 

Will there be a vote to restore the payments? 

The White House has not specified when the vote will be held.

However according to a senior administration official, there are “strong” chances of a vote in the coming weeks. 

Are there any ways that the Phoenix VVA may appeal to the Supreme Court?

The Arizona VA system has already been sued by veterans who are suing the federal government over the death of a patient at the Phoenix Veterans Medical Center, and is currently awaiting an appeal of that lawsuit.

However in recent months, it has also become clear that veterans are beginning to understand the importance of the Phoenix hospitals and how they are being treated.

In November 2017, President Trump appointed an acting VA Secretary, Scott Gottlieb, to lead the Phoenix efforts to restore payments to veterans.

Who will be affected?

Veterans and their families will have to find a way to pay for care for their loved ones, and for some, that may mean going without care for weeks or even months.

The VVA is one of the most vulnerable health care facilities in the country, and as long as the White House continues to pressure it into a plan that will jeopardize its safety, the VVA will likely not be able to afford to keep its four medical centers operating. 

Who is affected by the decision?

The VRA is expected to be able keep its three hospitals open until at least 2019, when they will have reduced services and could have to close.

Veterans will also lose the ability to seek medical care at any of the remaining hospitals, although some veterans may be able access care elsewhere. 

The Phoenix VHA has not been reimbursed for the $7.8 million in VVA medical expenses and has been under the control of the Trump Department of Health and Human Services since January.

What is happening now? 

On Tuesday, February 2, the Trump-appointed Acting VA Secretary Scott Gottleib announced that the administration had decided to stop the payments for the Phoenix hospital system, which serves veterans and their spouses. 

Does this mean that VA hospitals are dead? 


 Does the decision mean that there will be no funding for VA hospitals in 2018? 


Can veterans apply to the VA for reimbursement? 

Veterans can apply for reimbursement from the VA Health Care Trust Fund.

This fund, which pays for care at VA medical facilities, has already paid out $2.4 billion in medical care, including $4.4 million in January.

The Trump-administration will likely continue to pressure VA to continue the payments until the trust fund reaches its projected budget of $10 billion. 

Did the Trump Transition Team know about this decision? 

There is no evidence that any of Trump’s advisers knew about

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