Cobra Health Care offers free care for pregnant women

Cobra Health is offering free care to pregnant women in their 20s and 30s to reduce the number of women being turned away from their healthcare due to the lack of funding, the company has announced.

Key points:Cobra Health says it’s providing free care on demand in order to boost fundingThe health provider has raised the profile of its maternity service to become a national playerCobras maternity care is a key part of its health strategyIt has also said it will also work with other organisations to improve the services offered.

“The Cobra Care maternity service is a part of Cobra’s broader strategy to provide healthcare to women and children with a genuine need and priority to be cared for,” said Dr Simon Latham, chief executive of Cobra Health.

“We recognise that there are some challenges to providing maternity care and we have invested heavily in the Cobra Care programme to make it available in greater numbers.”

However, we are working hard to address these issues so we can improve our services and deliver the best possible care to our customers and staff.

“Read moreCobral Health said its service, which started on Friday, is designed to be the “safest and most cost-effective” maternity care service available in Australia.”

In our new model, we will be able to offer up to 30 hours of care in the first 24 hours of pregnancy, with the option to extend this to additional days,” it said in a statement.”

This means that if you have a newborn baby and you need to go to a maternity facility in the next 24 hours, you can easily access the service and be seen at the hospital.

“Dr Latham said the maternity service, called the “Cobrakis”, would be delivered through a partnership with the Royal Children’s Hospital and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.”

At Cobra we recognise that maternity care can be one of the most cost effective options available for women and their families, with a focus on early intervention, breastfeeding and support,” he said.”

But we also recognise that the delivery of care can require the help of other organisations, such as family doctors and other healthcare providers, so we are constantly working to improve our delivery of services and support.

“Dr Adam Roberts, chief of paediatrics at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, said the service would also work well in low-income and remote communities.”

I’m really pleased to see that Cobra Health has taken the lead in providing care to low-cost pregnant women and babies and I think it will really improve the care available to women who are not able to get the care they need,” he told ABC Radio Brisbane.”

It’s a very important aspect of the system, which is really needed to reduce maternal deaths in the community.

“Dr Roberts said it was important that women had access to a quality maternity care as they got older, and the service was a key component of that.”

They need to have the opportunity to see their baby for the first time and have the best care possible, which will ensure that the baby is delivered as well as possible,” he explained.”

Cobray’s commitment to providing safe and high-quality care is part of our ongoing work to improve maternal health, particularly in disadvantaged areas.

“Cobrazos maternity care was first launched in March, offering up to three hours of antenatal care and a total of nine hours of postnatal care a week.

The scheme has been extended to cover pregnant women of all ages, and a range of services, including childbirth education, is available to help them with their baby’s birth.

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